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Content Marketing via websites, social media, and email marketing
Effective content marketing utilizes websites, social media, and email marketing

Using Content Marketing to Spread Your Messages Everywhere

Content is the culmination of many steps in the marketing communications process.

By the time Front Page PR starts writing body copy for a content marketing campaign, we have completed a thorough competitive analysis, worked with sales identify a target audience, defined a list of key search engine keywords, and built a website to host carefully designed landing pages and added plenty of SEO’ed content.

In addition, Front Page will have spent many hours reaching out and building large networks of potential customers on social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Once content has been written, analyzed and tweaked for maximum SEO performance it can be shared organically on social media, utilized for paid digital advertising campaigns, spread through content specific blogs and media outlets as by-line content and boiled down to write and issue press releases, which will spread content, not only to the media, but to a worldwide audience of potential customers and business partners.

You don’t need to pay to share, but you do need an audience to share it with. When first starting out, you’ll have few people to talk to via social media, so the relative impact of your content will be low, but as your social media sharing network grows it will become more and more important.

In the short term, paid social media can help amplify organic content, using social network advertising tools to reach very specific target audiences as well as increase the frequency at which they see a continual string of content marketing messages.

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