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Why You Should Hire Front Page PR

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In today’s digital world, the majority of your customers will search for, review, evaluate and decide to buy your company’s products and services based on what they can learn about your business from online resources such as your company website, social media profiles and/or news coverage in popular media outlets.

Regardless of how small or large your business is, your customers will only know what you decide to tell them. Thus, your company’s brand name, it’s corporate mission and it’s product and service stories are a vital part of every successful sales strategy.

Front Page PR makes this process as fast and as simple as possible. We use an integrated PR/media relations marketing formula that we have been perfecting over the past 25+ years that builds awareness for your company’s products and services, creates a sales funnel the develops business leads for your sales teams, and removes the fear, doubt and uncertainly from the sales equation.

For low-priced items, the sales process can be automated so that customers can find your website, review the product’s features and benefits, respond to your calls-for-action, and then purchase your products online with a credit card.

For higher-price items, more education will be required and the sales cycle will be longer because a lot more time and effort will be invested in the purchase decision process. Website content, social media messages, email marketing and all digital marketing materials must be written specifically to convince a customer to buy your products and services without talking to anyone.

In other words, by the time potential customers decide to pick up the phone and call a salesperson, they should be 90% ready to make a purchase decision based on what your website and digital marketing materials have sold them. The rest will be up to how much knowledge, training and experience your sales force has on closing deals.

The process outlined below and the pages that follow will take you through each stage of our integrated marketing communications process. We provide this step-by-step process to make it easy for any executive to understand and follow this procedure in order to try to do as much of their own work as possible or at least obtain a basic understanding of what types of information will need to be collected by the PR firm, polished and approved by the management team and then disseminated to paying customers to establish an effective sales funnel.

How to Plan a Successful Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign by Following this Step-by-Step Process
How to Plan a Successful Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign by Following this Step-by-Step Process

Knowing the process is the first step, but most people will discover that writing carefully crafted content designed to educate and sell products and services can be a challenge, especially when staring at a blank piece of paper or an empty computer screen not really knowing which direction to go.

The main benefit that Front Page PR brings to the table is 25+ years of writing marketing communications content for a multitude of small, medium and very large customers across a very wide cross section of industry segments. We are experts at researching, collecting, boiling down, packaging and providing written information for executives in the management team to review, edit and approve. This information will reflect competitive research collected from industry trade publication articles, leading industry research analyst firms and their research reports, a competitive SWOT analysis and information collected when meeting with and talking to all of the inside-the-company subject matter experts, which usually are the company’s directors and their senior managers.

It usually doesn’t take very long for a business to realize that hiring a PR or marketing firm to manage this marketing communications process is really a very cost-effective short-cut that allows the management team to focus on their core business that drives their day-to-day operations.

It is much easier to let trained highly-trained marketing experts interview executives, collect information, organize the company’s content, do the industry research and competitive analysis, write the actual marketing and sales content and then let the executive management team review and make final edits. It will save your company time/money and streamline the corporate communications process.

Front Page PR’s Corporate Communications Package:

How Much Does Front Page PR Charge?

It is best to do these steps in order of these bullet points to achieve the best results. We offer these services in 12-month contracts that include this whole process for a monthly retainer of $6,000 as well as a la carte for individual services starting at $2,500 per month plus tax.

Does Front Page PR Pay for Customer Referrals?

For any non-employee that refers to us a paying customer, Front Page PR will pay a 10% referral commission for the lifetime of the contract. So a 12-month contract at $6k per month would pay an annual commission of $7,200 to that sales referral contact.

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