Briefing Industry Research Analysts


Briefing Leading Industry Research Analysts for Your Company’s Upcoming Product/Service Launch

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An important part of media relations that many agencies and PR professionals tend to overlook is industry analyst relations
Briefing leading industry analysts before a product launch can provide great 3rd party feedback

Briefing Leading Industry Research Analysts for Media Interviews

Briefing leading industry analysts is an important part of the media relations process for several reasons.

First, they write industry research reports about emerging technologies, and there are a large number of business managers and technology buyers that won’t make a large ticket purchase decision without first referencing a Gartner Magic Quadrant or a Forrester Wave industry research report.

Second, analysts are great resources of industry insight and they aren’t shy about poking holes in your product positioning or your go-to-market strategies.

Many times companies can become so immersed in a new product or concept that they tend to get tunnel vision and can’t see potential flaws or shortcomings in their products or services. Analyst briefings can often help point out a number of different challenges and can serve as a great sounding board for important feedback before beginning a media relations PR campaign.

Last, but not least, putting together a list of briefed analysts that can be shared with reporters is a great way to build up credibility with reporters that support their news stories. Providing access to and receiving valuable quotes from industry research analysts that backup executive quotes and the company’s product positioning leads to longer news briefs, better feature articles and front page articles.

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