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How to Set Up Executive Speaking Engagements for Your Company
How to Set Up Speaking Engagements for Company Subject Matter Experts at Leading Trade Shows

Depending on a company’s travel budget and executives’ public speaking skills, searching for speaking opportunities such as “Call for Speakers” or “Call for Presenters” can be a very cost-effective way to allow a company’s management team to speak directly potential customers at many different popular trade show events that serve vertical business-to-business (B2B) industry segments.

Large trade shows have a wide variety of panel discussions where subject matter experts can either moderate a panel or participate as a panel discussion speaker. And many times, if a trade show doesn’t have panel discussion on your subject matter, they will allow you to build your own panel as long as you can line up your own speakers.

Most customers benefit from natural human-to-human connection with brands and their supporting executives. Unfortunately, companies now have less time to form that bond. In fact, most B2B buyers don’t talk to a sales rep until they’re 57-percent of the way through their purchasing decision.

If subject matter experts tailor their speeches for panel discussion attendees and have the content to back it up, then their audience will walk away with a renewed level of trust in the company’s products and services that can develop valuable business development opportunities.

Building brand names for all of the executives on your management team at these types of speaking engagements is also a way to generate media interviews because trade shows are a mecca for trade publication reporters and industry research analysts who are often sitting in the audience.

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