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Our mission at Front Page Public Relations (PR) is to help your firm, regardless of whether you’re a solo entrepreneur in startup mode or managing a large corporate communications department at a Fortune 500 corporation, is to gain as much positive, credible ink and news coverage as possible for your company’s products, services, sales teams and/or community relation activities.

Front Page PR has researched, planned, and placed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of positive, credible news coverage for our clients
Front Page PR has researched, planned, and placed millions and millions of dollars worth of positive, credible news coverage for our clients over the years

We have more than 25+ years of experience and a proven track record of helping startups gain market traction, educating small businesses on how to grow their sales and distribution channels, facilitating media coverage for growing companies preparing for a multi-million dollar Initial Public Offering (IPO) or successfully generating the right kind of news coverage to ensure that a corporation’s multi-billion dollar merger or acquisition is executed in a timely manner by putting pressure on potential buyers to complete the deal with news article after news article written specifically to attract more successful bids.

Regardless of what corporate goals and objectives your company might have for hiring a public relations firm, Front Page PR’s seasoned team of professionals will deliver on time and under budget. We are experts at moving mountains, managing public opinions and building industry alliances with nothing more than carefully placed words.

Over the years we have researched, planned, and placed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of positive, credible news coverage for our client’s products, services, international sales and distribution channels and/or community relation projects.

When building our media lists and targeting publications, we plan our PR campaigns just like an advertising firm would plan a highly-targeted media advertising campaign seeking to reach only publications and media outlets with the highest composition of the correct target audience complete with the right authority to make the final purchase decision.

Our media pitches are carefully researched and written based on every publication’s editorial environment and each reporter’s personal journalistic preferences. Each media pitch contains a highly targeted marketing message that not only contains the right call-to-action to motivate a reporter to respond to our media pitch, but also to make it easy for reporters to write stories that will educate their readers and give them the best reasons, features and benefits to buy a company’s products and services.

When considering the option of spending $1 million on an advertising campaign versus spending $120,0000 on a PR publicity marketing campaign, most clients realize that it is not just the better price tag, but the fact that news stories written by third-party reporters are 500% more credible and believable than any advertisement that could ever be purchased with money.

What is more believable? What would you be more likely to share with your CEO or a corporate buyer? An advertisement with carefully polished body copy? Or an Editor’s Choice Award in an article written by a leading industry trade publication and backed up with leading industry research analysts?

The best time to hire a PR firm is the 4th quarter during October, November, or December. All good advertising firms and PR agencies begin collecting media kits and editorial calendars to plan for the year ahead.

Building relationships in October with a reporter or editor that we know will be writing a feature article in 6 months gives us a chance to send them company information, begin educating them on the company’s features and benefits, sharing their articles on social media, and basically building a relationship with them that we know will result in reliable media contact.

Asking for media coverage out-of-the-blue with only a cold-call or a cold-email does not hold near as much weight as talking to a reporter that already knows who you are, what your company does and why your products or services are relevant to their readers and does not need to be convinced on why they should include your company in their feature article, product roundup or top industry awards article.

Why? Simply because Front Page PR will make sure that your company is added to the feature article or product roundup vendor list six months in advance because we make it a point to plan ahead.

This may sound like a simple process, but it is not. It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to build these types of media relationships, but once they are built these relationships will payoff handsomely for many years to come.

A full-page news article in a low-circulation publication is worth about $5,000 if you had purchased the same space with advertising dollars. A full-page article in a high-end trade publication is worth about $25,000. Business publications like Fortune, Forbes, or BusinessWeek can be as high as $75,000.

It should be easy to see why generating 10 stories in each category might generate more than a $1 million worth of free, positive, credible media coverage for your company’s products, services and/or community relations efforts.

This is precisely why large Fortune 500 companies usually have a minimum of 50 to 100 PR personnel on their payroll. Achieving success with the press is the easiest, quickest and most reliable method of building and reinforcing well-known and well-respected brand names.

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