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How to Plan a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign
How to Plan a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

How to Plan a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

For a typical 30-day crowdfunding campaign, we recommend two months of prep work and one month of intense marketing during the crowdfunding campaign.  Below is an overview and the scope of work for what we do for our clients or click here to setup a conference call to learn more about crowdfunding.

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Growing a Large Social Media Network

When customers see a crowdfunding campaign, the 1st thing they do is review your social media credentials on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter to see if you are a real person and what kind of professional resume you have.  They do this to determine whether or not you have the skill set to actually deliver on your crowdfunding campaign promises. The larger your social media following the more impressive you will look.

More importantly, having a large crowd to share your crowding campaign news and updates with is a critical part of the crowdfunding process.  If you have a Twitter following of 5,000 followers that each has a network of 1,000 followers, you have a potential audience of 5,000,000 for social media shares.  Similar numbers on Facebook and LinkedIn significantly enhance a campaign’s ability to reach sufficient numbers to achieve success.

Using PR to Generate Industry Publicity

Next they will do a Google search to see if there are any news stories that have been written about you or your company.

When there are zero results when they do a Google search, people may decide not to donate to your cause. But if there are two or three pages of Google search results of story after story on your company and its mission, you gain serious credibility and will have much better results!

“Scope of Work” for two-months of prep work and a 30-day Crowdfunding Campaign

1st Month – Social Media:  If you have social media networks built, then you are off to a great start. If not, we will help you setup a Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account. Once your accounts are setup, then we will train you and/or your team on how to use each social media channel to maximize brand share awareness and drive potential customers to your website first, and then the actual crowdfunding campaign once the campaign is launched.

Next, we will show you how to grow your social media networks quickly by inviting your friends, family and business colleagues to join, follow and like you on your social media networks to improve your social media clout. This is a very important factor when donors, contributors and investors are deciding whether or not to invest money in your crowdfunding campaign.

After we get all the social media accounts setup and the team trained, we will show you how to maintain a minimum of 50 tweets/posts per week during the 1st month.  And during the crowdfunding campaign, we will shift social media engine into overdrive as we reach out to friends, fans, supporters and future customers by generating minimum of 600 tweets/posts during a 30-day campaign to a carefully selected target audience.

Cost: $2,500 plus tax  Click here to purchase 1 month of social media prep work.

2nd Month – 4 Press Releases:  We will write four SEO’ed, 400-word press releases. This involves doing competitive research on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo crowdfunding sites to see what has been successful and what has failed for your product/service category. Next we will generate an SEO keyword analysis to see what key words are ranking the highest in the search engines for your particular product or service.

We will use these keywords to build a targeted database of reporters, journalists and bloggers that cover your subject matter. Once we have a PR database built we will analyze the editorial environment for every news outlet and put together an A-list of the top publications that we think we will cover your press release stories.

We then write custom tailored pitches and send them via email and twitter to the PR database. When reporters respond with a request to setup an interview we will work with reporters and executives to schedule interview time slots that work for each party. We will provide insight on what questions reporters will ask as well as the three main points that we think you should share during interviews. This may sound easy, but it takes many years of experience to develop effective media pitching skills.

In addition, we issue each press releases over a professional newswire service. Each press release comes a full analytics report that shows:

  • How many news outlets picked up the release and ran the story;
  • How many people read the story;
  • How many click-throughs the story generated;
  • How many shares we got on social media networks; and
  • How each press release performed compared to the last four that we have issued.

Wire service charges are billed separately because every press release varies by how many words are included. Once a press release exceeds 400 words, they charge extra in per 100-word blocks. Press releases include 1 free logo.  Extra photos and video attachments can be included but those cost an extra $100 to $125.  The city of distribution also affects final pricing. Large cities like NY and LA are expensive. Lower population centers are cheaper. Wire service charges range from $250 to $390.  There are cheap wire services and free wire services out there, but most journalists ignore companies that use cheap services because they are often used for fraudulent schemes.

All press releases are written based on the information discovered during the editorial competitive analysis and rough information provided by the client. In other words, we write press release specifically to fit in the right publications’ editorial environments.  A “Rough Draft” of each release is then sent to the client for edits and final approval.  Nothing goes out without the client’s final written approval.  A minimum of 10 hours is spent researching, writing and editing releases based of the client’s feed back.

Press releases are the most cost-effective type of marketing you can do. Not only can they be used to share your story directly with your customer base, but they are an excellent way of increasing website traffic and increasing your Google search engine results. Press releases usually are given a higher ranking than any other type of content.  We can also include up to 10 back links to your website or crowdfunding campaign per press release. If the press release gets picked up by 100 news media outlets and blogs, this will generate 10 links x 100 stories = 1,000 back links from leading news media sites.  Thus, a four press release marketing campaign will generate ~4,000 back links.

Cost: $2,500 plus tax – Click here to purchase 4 press releases*

Cost: $1,000 plus tax – Click here to purchase a single press release*

* – does not include new wire distribution charges which vary by city

3rd Month – 30-Day Crowdfunding Campaign: The third month is the actual crowdfunding campaign. It involves intense use of social media to tweet out campaign announcements, news, tweets, new donations, etc. This means tweeting 18 hours a day. We also issue 4 more press releases, which will generate even more momentum for your campaign.

We will not do a crowdfunding campaign without at least 2 months of prep work.  We will, however, do social media and/or PR stand-alone programs. After two months of prep work, we will have pretty good idea of whether your crowdfunding campaign has a good or bad chance of succeeding.

Cost: $5,000 plus tax – Once prep work has been completed, we will invoice you for the final Crowdfunding Campaign.

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