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How to Build Retailer, Reseller, Distributor and Manufacturer Sale Rep Distribution Channels

How to Setup New Sales and Distribution Channels

One of the best ways for a small or medium-sized companies to grow your business is to use press releases and the resulting news coverage to find new sales and distribution partners to help you increase sales and add revenue to your bottom line.

Utilizing a small sales force to sell directly to customers on a one-to-one basis requires a lot of time and money to provide the necessary customer service and sales support to close a single sale.

There are multitude of independent sales reps, internet portals, retailers, resellers, franchises, consultants, integrators, brokers, distributors, manufacturer sales reps, and other types of strategic business partners with well-established sales and distribution channels that can be tapped to take your business to the next level and lead to exponential sales growth.

For example, issuing press releases to find one distributor for each state in the United States might increase a company’s sales by a factor of 50x. Distributors usually serve 10 to 100 resellers depending on each state’s population and the given demand for a product or service. And those resellers may already serve a thousand retail storefronts that might have an interest in picking up your new product line.

So let’s say that 50 distributors placed an order of 10,000 units to be able to push 1,000 units of your widget to 10 resellers that that in turn each want to sell 10 units to 100 retail outlets.

How much money would your company make if you increased your widget sales by 50,000 units per month or 600,000 per year? This is why having a strong distribution sales and marketing program is so important.

All it takes to start building sales and distribution channels is to begin issuing press releases that provide details on the features and benefits of the product and let retailers, resellers, distributors know that your company is seeking new strategic business alliance partners to sell your products and drive them to a specific Channel Partner landing page where they can sign-up to get the process started.

Would you spend $6,000 per month to increase your company’s sales by a factor of 50x? How many widgets would you need to sell to cover a $6k per month PR marketing budget?

And press releases don’t just go the United States, they reach a worldwide audience. You may not be setup for international sales right now, but it is definitely worth some consideration. Right?

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