Top 10 Ways to Drive Customer Growth, Increase Sales, and Develop More B2B Business Leads

How to Increase Customer Traffic and Sales with Websites, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and YouTube Videos

How to Search Engine Optimize SEO Website Content to Rank Higher in Google Search Results
How to SEO Website Content to Be Found by Customers via Google Searches

How to Write Content to Be Found on Google

  1. Build a great website with customized landing pages that educate customers on the features/benefits of your products/services.
  2. Write great marketing content with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind to facilitate superior Search Engine Marketing (SEM) results.
  3. Include a 600×400 photo with SEO’d captions and/or a YouTube video with SEO’d video description w/URL linking back to the landing page.
  4. Engineer the landing page’s headline (H1) , subheadline (H2), paragraph headers (H3), bullet point/numbered lists w/matching SEO.
  5. Make sure landing page provides good competitive positioning based on a thorough competitive analysis and offers a strong call-to-action.
  6. Amass large social media networks of prospective customers on Facebook, LinkedIn, TwitterInstagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.
  7. Train all of your employees to engage customers on all social media networks as advocates providing feedback and product knowledge.
  8. Employ organic posts and paid advertising strategies that target customers with a high propensity to buy, maximizing reach and frequency.
  9. Write press releases using the same SEO strategies and issue them on a professional newswire service complete with strong calls-to-action.
  10. Capture customers with retargeting and automated CRM tools and measure content effectiveness with Google and other analytic tools.

These 10 simple steps will boost customer website traffic significantly, generate a massive marketplace awareness for your company’s products and services, capture prospective customers with a high propensity to buy, fill up your sales funnel with business leads, all of which will help increase sales and add more dollars to your company’s bottom line.

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