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How to write an effective press release to encourage reporters to write a company news story
How to write an effective press release to encourage reporters to write a positive news story

How to Write an Effective Press Release to Generate Free Publicity

One of the hardest things to do in the marketing world is find a great copy writer to generate quality and relevant content. There are a number of companies that offer a very cheap price to write press releases and put them on a wire service for a very cheap price. Front Page PR receives lots of phone calls from customers that have lost several hundred dollars and didn’t even get a press release written.

The main problem with cheap PR companies is that they do not have the English language mastered and live in places like India or the Philippines.

All of Front Page PR’s writers were born and raised in the United States, speak English as their native language and write content in Associated Press (AP) style, which is what all media outlets prefer.

The other consideration is how much time and effort a PR firm invests in the researching and the writing of a press release. At a minimum, this means doing a competitive analysis of similar products and services as well as researching your top competitors via Google searches. This process is important to be able to effectively position your company successfully against the competition.

In addition, your PR firm should spend many hours researching the editorial environments of target publications and only target media outlets that contain the highest composition of client’s correct target audience, which will need to have a high propensity to buy the client’s products and services.

Excellent writing requires time, effort and cannot been done effectively for less than $800 to a $1,000 per release depending on the complexity of the subject matter. More importantly, the same prep work that is done to write the press release is also critical when writing highly tailored media pitches that are sent via email and social media to entice reporters to cover a story.

For example, if you are trying to sell triangles, the PR account executive will need to research and find triangle magazines to see what type of stories are being written for their triangle readers. The problem is that most low-priced firms do not put in the time and effort to understand what types of stories will be accepted by triangle magazines and which ones will be rejected. And sending a triangle story to a circle or a square magazine will never work.

And, even if by pure luck you convinced a circle reporter to write a triangle story, it would be pointless because circle readers only read circle magazines to learn about circle related products and services. They have zero interest in buying anything but circle products and services.

This may sound like a simple concept, but ask any reporter how many pitches that they receive on a daily basis that do not fit their editorial environments and they will tell you they hit the delete button in less than two seconds.

Thus, hiring a PR firm that can build a precise media database of only the correct targeted triangle media outlets and sending only carefully crafted triangle media pitches is essential in generating positive triangle news coverage and triangle feature articles to reach triangle products and services.

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