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How to Write Polished and Consistent Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why FAQ Sheets Are So Important for Media Interviews

FAQ Sheets are a great tool that can be used in many different forms to address the informational needs of many different target audiences. For this discussion, we will address how Front Page PR uses them, similar to how we use Media Maps, to keep executives on their message points during media interviews and how we like to use FAQ sheets to lead reporters in the direction that we want them to follow before, during and after the media interview process.

The best place to start when building a FAQ Sheet is the sales force or other executives that work regularly with customers, business partners, sales staff and distribution channel outlets that tend to be asked the same sets of questions over and over.

Building Internal FAQ Sheets for Sensitive Subject Matters

Front Page PR usually develops internal FAQ sheets for executives that contain highly confidential answers, but very polished answers to very tough questions.

The main goal is to predict where potential land mines might exist and provide an escape route just in case an executive is forced to step on one during a media interview.

All answers are scrubbed and approved by the management team ahead of time and allow very large organizations to provide precise answers to tough questions regardless of which executives are speaking to the media.

Building External FAQ Sheets to Lead Reporters

Front Page PR also develops external FAQ sheets that we like to include in press kits, press rooms or in briefing documentation that we send to reporters prior to a media interview. Allowing reporters to wander around in the dark usually leads to them asking off-the-wall, irrelevant questions in areas that executives may not want to discuss.

Instead, a much better way to control the direction of questions during a media interview is too provide reporters with a FAQ sheet that provides a long list of questions that we want executives to be asked during media interviews. Filling a reporter’s mind with right questions is a very proactive way to make sure that very important interviews are productive and cover material that we know will not contain any potential landmines.

Not only can FAQ sheets be used to steer executives and reporters through organized sets of information, but all of the information can be repurposed to train new employees, educate sales teams, provide guidance for marketing team messages, and direct C-level executives at every level of the organization to provide the same consistent answers to all of the company’s Frequently Asked Questions.

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