Front Page PR Targets Blockchain Companies that Need Turnkey PR, Media Relations and Social Media Marketing Services to Promote ICOs

Starting at $3k per month, this leading public relations, social media and marketing firm helps ICOs build large networks of potential investors


Dallas/Ft. Worth, TexasSeeking a leading edge PR firm in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex? Whether your company needs help generating publicity for an upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or would benefit from generating positive PR publicity for a business-to-business (B2B) blockchain technology roll out, Front Page PR offers cost-effective, turnkey growth-hacking marketing programs that start at only $3,000 per month.

Front Page PR’s team of marketing experts can help growing crypto currency companies write press releases, develop online press rooms, build social media networks, plan digital advertising programs, write search engine optimized content for marketing landing pages, generate precise databases of vertical B2B media contacts, write effective media pitches, build investor relationships for the management team, find trade show discussion panels to place subject matter experts to speak at and harvest email addresses for carefully-tailored CRM drip marketing programs.

Front Page PR offers an excellent price for a full portfolio of marketing services that is hard to beat and represents one of the most cost-effective deals in the B2B marketing industry.

“One of the most challenging decisions that most small ICO companies face is hiring their first marketing consulting firm,” said Robert Hoskins, Front Page PR’s Director of PR and Media Relations. “Regardless of whether it’s a small crypto currency startup seeking to gain market traction, a small business that wants to migrate their existing finance operations to a blockchain platform or a large corporation that is seeking merger and acquisition partners for blockchain technologies, our team of seasoned media relations experts can help any business move mountains with words and sway public persuasion with positive trade publication articles and business media interviews.”

“The average rate that most PR firms charge clients is $10,000 to $20,000 per month or $60,000 to $240,000 per year. The metric or question that all firms need to measure when evaluating their PR/media relations budget is, ‘Is my PR firm capable of generating at least $1 of media publicity for every $1 spent on their PR consulting fees?'” Hoskins continued. “With that said, if a company can find a PR firm that can generate a 300% return-on-investment (ROI) for a budget of $60,000 per year, that’s equivalent to hiring three professional, seasoned marketing professionals, and/or receiving a minimum of $300,000 in positive, credible media exposure. Not many firms can deliver on this expectation, but our team can.”

Want to learn more? Please give Front Page PR a call at (512) 627-6622 to learn more and to receive a free 30-minute review of your website, learn how to improve your social media credentials, receive an off-the-cuff estimate of what first steps might be taken to build a large database of prospective ICO investors or learn how to generate lots of positive publicity in order to support a lucrative initial coin offering.

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Robert Hoskins, a seasoned Front Page PR veteran provides more than twenty-eight years of external communications, media relations, digital social media and SEO skills to Front Page PR’s crowdfunding PR and media relations service portfolio.
Robert Hoskins
(512) 627-6622

Mr. Robert Hoskins is a seasoned marketing veteran with a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses as well as Fortune 500 corporations launch successful marketing communications campaigns to gain market traction for a wide variety of products and services.

On a regular basis, Mr. Hoskins consults with marketing campaign managers as well as websites, portals and platforms to deliver successful marketing campaigns.

Google search “Robert Hoskins Front Page PR” to see why Mr. Hoskins runs one of the industry’s foremost PR, media relations and social media marketing agencies that has amassed a huge social media following.

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