Case Study: Maximizing PR Publicity by Working in Perfect Synchronicity with Vendors and Business Partners

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Case Study: Maximizing the Power of a Brandname to Host Large Scale Media Events
Case Study: Maximizing the Power of a Brandname to Host Large Scale Media Events

In the marketing world, all smaller companies would love the chance to ride the coattails of the larger, more powerful brand names.

Many large corporations like MCI have a tendency to be stingy by not allowing their vendors like Cisco, Optical Corporation of America (OCA), Siemens, Nortel, Alcatel to participate in press release mentions or press conference announcements.

We pitched a much better strategy to MCI, which was to work strategically with all of the vendors in their global telecom network to allow them to be mentioned in not only in MCI’s press releases and press conferences, but also allowed them to write their own version of MCI’s press release to promote their own hardware or software’s and its role in the MCI’s network.

As a result Cisco pitched stories to reporters that covered new wireless technology, Nortel issued press releases about Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM)MediaOne talked about an entirely new type of IP-based Synchronous Optical Network (SONET), and the list goes on and on.

Instead of working with single MCI PR contact and leveraging just our database of MCI media contacts, we decided to enlist an entire army of media relations PR experts from every vendor and allowed them to all pitch their respective products to each vendor’s own PR media database.

So when we would do a media event or press conference with multiple network vendors MCI, of course, would get the front page cover story, but since we allowed three to five vendors to participate, every trade publication’s entire inventory of editorial pages in magazines like Communications Week, Network World, Network Computing, Telephony, Fiber Optic News, CNET, etc., would be flooded by different news stories written by each beat reporter who covered the overarching power of MCI’s network, but from their own selected vendor’s point of view.

There is nothing better than generating millions of dollars of positive, credible news through the awesome power of employing a large-scale, single media event to amass a ton of media coverage. Lending MCI’s brandname to smaller vendors and allowing them to participate turned this from a single corporation’s media day into an event where the whole networking industry was involved.

This is good example of how Front Page PR deviates from the normal average PR firm’s practice. We can do the same thing for your company!

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